BinaDroid Review – Another Scam Or Real Deal?

BinaDroid was creating a huge buzz days before it was actually announced to be released. The users, experts and critics were awaiting it to see what this software is all about and why is it being so popular. Our team researched thoroughly about it, went through the details of the software and other related aspects to come up with all the information that users will need. And we are actually glad to mention that in midst of a flurry of SCAM binary options trading software, BinaDroid has come up as a genuine, reliable and efficient software that actually performs the way makers say it will.

Product Name: BinaDroid

Product Creator: Troy Everett

Official Website:


What Is BinaDroid?

The most important question of all! BinaDroid is a new binary options trading system created and presented by Troy Everett. The reason it is becoming so popular is its unique features which enables it getting high accuracy rates. The other trading systems in market, majority of which don’t even actually work, gives an accuracy rate of around half the number they promote. But BinaDroid has come up as an exception. The basic concept behind its successful working is a complex but effective mathematical formula which has been turned into an algorithm that runs the software. This algorithm predicts the price and fluctuations in the market, removes the guess work and sends back real time trading signals to simplify the whole binary options trading process.


Troy Everett – The Creator

Who has created the software majorly determines how reliable binary options software is. Majority of such softwares are scam and they come from a creator which exists either on fiverr (artists) or on stock images. But BinaDroid comes from a real person and an expert in algorithm development and holds experience in binary options trading. Troy Everett is an experienced person who has worked with a few major firms in past. Working on algorithms and binary options, he has created several other programs in past but being an employee; his work was credited as a Company Property rather than his individual one. So despite being a genius, he is not as famous as he should have been. Now working on his own, he has used his expertise and experience in designing and presenting his new software – BinaDroid. And yes, Troy Everett exists!

BinaDroid – Getting Started

Getting started with BinaDroid is similar as it is with other such softwares. User need to sign-up with BinaDroid and then choose one of their recommended brokers to start off with trading. But the main thing here is that user can choose any broker they wish to work with. Since all the brokers working with BinaDroid are the top experts from trading niche, the task of selecting one is not difficult. Just set a minimum trade amount, which can be as low as $5, and you are good to go.


BinaDroid – Working Process 

BinaDroid comes with three working mode – Manual, Semi-automatic, Fully automatic. This assists traders of all types, experienced as well as beginners, to make profitable trades easily. The trading success and accuracy rate of 80 percent and above is reached regularly. While in manual mode, trader can use its analysis to decide and make trades on, in fully automatic mode, the software looks out for the most profitable trades, analyses them and then places a trade on them all by itself. User doesn’t need to do a thing. Being a web based application; this software can be used on variety of devices including desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. Since the software is working with a large number of CySEC regulated brokers all across, it can be used in every country.


Other Important Features

The software is Free to use. Since it is available in every country in the World, it provides an option for everyone to benefit from it. There is not cap on the number of trades that it can make a day. This makes it capable enough to provide profits at the end of the day. The software also works with a highly dedicated support team of experts who are always there to assist the users in any trouble that they are facing with the software.

How to Join?

  • Watch the video on, enter your Name & Email Address, then click JOIN NOW button.
  • On the following web page, create an account with a broker you never had an account by entering your full name as well as telephone number and also picking a password.
  • Deposit money into your account. The regular minimum required deposit is $250, however each broker may have their own requirements. Confirm your account by sending the required documents to the broker.
  • Sign in to the software and start making money right away!

Our Verdict

WE RECOMMEND! With all these unique features and an expert like Troy Everett working behind the scenes, there is no doubt that this software is legit and effective. After all the digging that our team of experts did, there is no hesitation in stating that this software is not a scam and it’s the real deal. There are so many other softwares out there but BinaDroid actually works as it says. The accuracy rates might fluctuate a bit on certain days, but the overall winning percentage of the trades that it makes is always high. At this point, we would recommend this software to all the traders. Go For It!