Binabot / BinaDroid 2 Review – Another Scam Or Real Deal?

Hey all, welcome to our review site where we try to bring out the complete and unbiased reviews about auto trading softwares for binary options trading niche. The software which will be reviewed today is Binabot / BinaDroid2. It is the second installment of highly successful software, BinaDroid. Here is an overview:

Software Name: Binabot / BinaDroid2

Created By: Troy Everett

Official Website:



BinaDroid was one of the most successful auto trading softwares out there in the market. Troy Everett, the maker, made sure that people get what they deserve in the binary options trading industry and should not be robbed by scams. Since the market scenarios keep changing, requirements and options change, thus he decided to come up with the second and improved installment of his highly successful software. There has been quite a buzz around regarding the release of this software and thus, he did not just present it, but he also has featured in the official promotional video on their official website. So does it work well or people need to stick to their previous version of BinaDroid? The answer is, the improved working, updated processing and a better algorithm have made Binabot be one step ahead of his predecessor and every other software out in market.

What is Binabot?

Binabot is a new and improved version of highly successful auto trading software BinaDroid. Troy Everett has worked on the underlying algorithm of the software and improved it so that it can work better with the changing market conditions. The algorithm used in Binabot has been created keeping in mind the use of social media sites, inside information and trend analysis. It works on the popular market opinions of experts about the market scenarios, works on the trends and thus provides the output in the form of trading signals. This software can work on completely automated mode as well as in a manual mode. The whole processing, though, is carried out automatically. The makers have enriched it with some new features to make it better which will be discussed below.

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What is New and How it Works?

A million dollar question is, why should one go for this version when they have previous version working well? The answer to that is the fine tuned software which is capable of earning bigger than before in this ever changing binary options market and with new and unique features make it worth a shot. The performance has boosted significantly as the beta testing results have shown.

The new algorithm makes sure that the calculations and chart readings done as per the popular market opinion and trend analysis are accurate. The software is also fine tuned for the processing speed and has made it much effective than before. There are some new features added on to it which makes it much more effective. Here are a few of those features:

  • Reverse Button: This is a new feature that has been added to the new Binabot software. What it does is, it gives a better chance to a trader to withdraw the trade that has been placed and re-place it in the opposite direction. This comes in handy in those cases where a trade might seem to be going in loss. Using this button gives a chance to turn a losing trade into a winner. Thus a better performance.
  • Completely Automated + Manual Mode: The modes for operating this software have been improved as manual mode allows a complete control to the trader over the trading decisions while the automated mode takes over the process completely.
  • Better consistency and accuracy: The beta testing results have been quite encouraging as the accuracy rate has risen up significantly. The accuracy rate has been observed crossing 90 percent mark on consistent basis.
  • The Customer Support: The customer support with previous version was applauded by all and thus the maker has enriched it with better services and adding more experts to be there 24/7 whenever any user need them.
  • Minimum Trade Value: The users can start trading with a deposit of as low as $25. This is probably the minimum trading value that any software provides. This makes it easier for the first time users who are skeptical about the auto trading softwares at first.

More than anything, the previous performance of the software which made it stand tall among numerous scams around makes its case stronger. Troy Everett is a known personality in binary options trading niche and there have always been positive views about him, his work and his software. A credible history and creator makes BinaDroid2 more reliable and worthy than others.



Our Recommendation:

We reviewed its previous version and recommended it for all. That was a correct recommendation as everyone has seen the performance delivered. With Binabot, we are equally assured about its success. We thoroughly went through the complete software, tried to get complete information about how it works and what new features have been added. We also are going by the history of this software and that of the creator. So we have no doubt this Binabot will be a even bigger hit and a much better performer. We completely recommend it for all!